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For years, scientists have looked for ways to effectively raise glutathione levels. They tried to supplement with glutathione pills, but glutathione cannot be effectively absorbed through the intestinal tract. Moreover, glutathione is a fragile molecule and is easily degraded and destroyed by the enzymes in our gut. Injectable glutathione has been tried as well, but due to its very short half-life, repeated doses are necessary and the cost of this route is highly prohibitive.

Scientists realized that glutathione must be supplemented via its essential building blocks, the amino acids cysteine, glycine and glutamine. While glycine and glutamine are readily available through regular diet, it is extremely difficult to absorb the required amounts of cysteine. Until recently, N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) was the most consistent means of enhancing the body’s ability of maintaining optimal glutathione levels. Many doctors use intravenous NAC to treat patients with Parkinson’s disease & paracetamol overdoses, but these treatments are short-lived and very expensive.

What our bodies need to create glutathione is the amino acid called cysteine. We have everything else we need but we don’t have enough cysteine and we can’t supplement with cysteine effectively or get enough from foods. Professor Herbert Nagasawa (of Minnesota University) worked for 25 years to create a scientific breakthrough that allows cysteine to get into our cells so that we can create more glutathione.

Prof. Nagasawa combined a simple sugar molecule called ribose with cysteine, which we use to produce glutathione. And we have Ribose-Cysteine or RiboCeine. RiboCeine gets into our cells, and the ribose goes off to make energy (ATP/adenosine triphosphate), while the cysteine goes off to make glutathione.

RiboCeine is the most effective & most advanced glutathione support in the world. RiboCeine has been shown to be 300% more effective than NAC in raising glutathione levels in liver cells.

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