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When you register, as a new associate member, you will be given a STARTER KIT:



The Max Plan is a revolutionary compensation plan designed to pay out a maximum of 50% CV to the field sales organization, and gives you 8 ways to earn as an Associate.



1. Retail Profits

Associates purchase products at wholesale for personal use or retail to customers for a profit.



2. Preferred Customer Bonus

All active Associates are paid a full 25% bonus of CV on every order placed by their Preferred Customers; in addition to a 50% Personal Volume (PV) bonus on the dollar value of the order.




3. Fast Start Income

Earn up to $150 Fast Start Income for every new associate you register.





4. Prime Bonus Income

Have at least 3 Personally Enrolled Associates maintain their own Active AutoShip orders of at least 100 PV (two products minimum monthly) and earn Prime Bonus. There are three levels with Prime Bonus.

  • Level 1 qualification requires at least 500 CV coming from the entire 1st Generation of your Enrollment Tree. Associate earns up to $75.
  • Maintain your own 100 PV AutoShip and duplicate your leadership by helping 3 personally enrolled Associates also complete Level 1 and u now make up to $375 extra (Level 2 complete).
  • If you maximize your leadership by helping 3 personally enrolled Associates also complete Level 2 then you now earn up to $1500 (Level 3 complete).





5. Binary Team Bonus Income

Residual commissions in Max International are paid out using a binary compensation structure. A binary compensation structure places an affiliate at the top of two binary teams. Commissions are generated within these two teams, with affiliates paid 10% of the Commissionable Volume (wholesale dollar amount of volume generated) their weaker side generates that month.

This volume is matched with the stronger binary side, with unused volume carried over the next month (capped at 400,000 volume points).  Binary commissions in Max International are capped at $40,000.





In order to qualify for binary commissions, a Max International affiliate must personally generate at least 100 PV (any two products) a month and recruit at least two affiliates (one on either side of the binary) who each generate at least 100 CV in product orders each month.

6. Matching Check Bonus




The Matching Check Bonus (MCB) has, by far, the greatest earning potential of all the different commissions. Max International pay a matching bonus on binary commissions earned by an affiliate’s personally recruited affiliates, payable down on up to seven levels of recruitment.

Each personally enrolled Associate within your enrollment tree is considered 1st generation. Subsequently, when a personally enrolled Associate enrolls a new Associate, that new Associate becomes your 2nd generation, and so on through the 7th generation.

Qualifying for Matching Check rewards enrollment, teamwork, leadership and duplication. For demonstrating those characteristics, Matching Check provides the opportunity to receive up to a 50% Check Bonus on all personally enrolled Associates! Whatever money they earn on the binary, Max pays you the enroller, a percentage of up to 50% of that bonus as MCB.

How many levels of recruitment the matching bonus is paid out on is determined by an affiliate’s membership rank
7. Global Bonus Pool

The Global Bonus Pool is made up of 1% of Max International’s global CV. It is paid out amongst affiliates who’s weaker binary leg volume has grown when compared to the previous month. Increase your Equivalent Volume by 1,000 CV above your historical high and get 1 share of 1% of all of the Volume that is generated at Max globally.

At Max, you can do business in 14 registered countries, and counting…




How to be Successful with MAX:






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